AESTHETIC: "The 'no' pile from an Anthropologie catalog model casting call"

AESTHETIC: "The 'no' pile from an Anthropologie catalog model casting call"

A sampling of the artwork that can be found on my Instagram; not yet available for purchase

A sampling of the artwork that can be found on my Instagram; not yet available for purchase


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A bizarre young(?) LADY(?) of average height and above average dreams

Natalie Walker is a New York City-based actress. Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, she attended St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, a primarily athletics-focused high school, and it was within those hallowed halls that she gained the most valuable experience for her chosen career: hours of practice sitting in enclosed spaces near beautiful blonde girls with very symmetrical facial features. Audition holding areas are grown-up versions of Natalie's senior year AP Government classroom.

Natalie spent the summers of her formative years at performing arts camp Stagedoor Manor in the Catskills, where her specialties included "egregiously age-inappropriate Sondheim roles" and "being a nightmare". Both are thankfully well-documented in Mickey Rapkin's 2010 book Theater Geek: The Real Life Drama of a Summer at Stagedoor Manor. If a film adaptation is ever made of Theater Geek (a la Rapkin's first book Pitch Perfect), Natalie would like to be played by Marcia Gay Harden or [ed. note: NO ONE ELSE please just give Marcia Gay Harden whatever she asks for].

She came to NYC in the fall of 2009 to attend New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and in 2013 she earned both her BFA in Drama and an Outstanding Achievement in Studio award from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Despite her fairly recent graduation date, a former coworker prefaced an inquiry about her age with "if you don't mind my asking...". He is a former coworker not because Natalie left that place of employment but because he is now dead by her hand.

A voracious pop culture consumer, Natalie watches a great many TV shows and movies. If you are a creator of TV shows and/or movies and you would like more people to watch them, you should put Natalie in your TV show and/or movie because there is a good chance that she will watch it.

When not acting, she can be found on the sidewalk conspicuously taking photos of your dog.


These are real bios I have written for the programs of various productions I have done (and a bonus screen shot of my profoundly misleading 'about me" on Backstage).  A human being had to read these, sign off on them, and print them on a piece of paper. Occasionally, critics (my ex-boyfriend) scold me and say things like, "come on Natalie, would you write this if you were on Broadway?" If you are a Broadway casting director, I invite you to put me in your show so we can find out together!!!!